Youth sports organization new mobile applications developed by sponsor E-Vision Project Development Corporation

Jan 22, 2017, Spartanburg, SC – E-Vision Project Development Corporation, certified miniority technology firm and sponsor of Xpress Grassroots Sports, Inc lanuches new mobile applications to connect with parents and team members. “We are proud to work with Xpress and have enjoyed growing with this program over the years” Eric Whiteside, Senior Project Director. E-Vision has developed the total onlien solution for Xpress with separate mobile responsive websites for each of its schedule tournaments and the main organization website.

The development includes: www.xpresssports.org (Main Organization Website), www.centerstageaau.com,(April 7-9 Annual Tournament) www.tournamentofrosesaau.com (May 12-14 AAU Tournament) and (Tournament Registration E-Commerce Website) xpressgamepass.com. The project management team has assisted the organization in creating a intergrated solution with Quickbooks Online for complete financial management and E-Commerce strategy that improves efficiency and execution.

Technologies incorporated in this total solutions is the following :
Mail Chimp -Email Marketing and Team Newsletter
Total Donations- for online donation intergrated with Paypal Business
Shopify- E-Commerce platform with QuickBooks Online Sync Application – Streamlines team registration with financial solution
XpressTV- Coming this season powered by Vimeo with parent and team interviews, updates and more.
Intragram Mobile Integration-Coming in Feburary 2017
Auto Social Publishing- Sync Web content with social media accounts
New Mobile Application- Andriod Launched 1/22/2017 and IOS will be lanuched in Feb 2017

We encourage organizations to support this 10 year organization, which is transforming lives of student athletics in Orangeburg County. Eric Whiteside, Senior Project Director


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E-Vision assist Active Expressions Art Academy with Guidstar

Updating your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile ensures that prospective donors and funders will find the accurate, timely information about your organization. Your information will be seen by the 7 million users who visit GuideStar each year and millions more who visit the 120 organizations and websites that make up our distribution network.


E-Vision new program stage 2 (Creditability) provides Guidestar Account Management training which allows charities to register with Amazon Gives and connect with key charities resource sites.

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E-Vision selects WERUNTHISCITY, INC.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, April 10, 2016- E-Vision’s Social Responsbility Committee selected WERUNTHISCITY, INC South Carolina not for profit organization for sponsorship in the new For Your Glory training program.

The organization will focus on womens fitness and healthy living and its sister organization IRUNTHISCITY LLC was created to motivate and inspire individuals to set, achieve and exceed better lifestyle goals by providing fun activities and challenges.

We look forward to working with April Bowden, a client of 9 years and Author of HIGH: On Love & Addiction and The Other Side of Joy. Eric Whiteside, Senior Project Director

E-Vision will assist Ms. Bowden in obtaining her 501C3 for WERUNTHISCITY and bring the organization in compliance with SC Charities. In addition, we will assist the organization in establishing a digital marketing strategy that incorporates engagement strategy development, usability and fundraising.

Join the Movement #IRUNTHISCITY



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New Project -WEECARE wants to help S.C. Citizens with Utilities

WEECARE- a SC not-for-profit organization located in Reidville, South Carolina is the lastest client in our “FOR YOUR GLORY” training initiative. The organization retained E-Vision Project Development Corporation and American Capital Funds in March 2016 to assist in preparing the organization for 501c3 status and provide strategic planning. The organization mission is to provide supplemental financial assistance for utilities to low-income citizens in South Carolina. Eric Whiteside, Senior Project Director recently met with the WEECARE Board and provided governance and strategic planning training on April 8, 2016 at South Carolina State University, 1890 Extension in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

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E-Vision Selects Hearts for Inmates for Sponsorship

Spartanburg, South Carolina, April 10, 2016- E-Vision’s Social Responsbility Committee selected Hearts for Inmates, South Carolina not for profit organization for sponsorship in the new For Your Glory training program. After a convincing and emotional appeal by company’s president Eric Whiteside to the board of directors the organization has approved for up to $5000 in services.

“This organization mission could potentially impact thousands of South Carolina families who have loved one currently incarcerated.”

The organization is currently promoting a South Carolina House of Representative Bill 5120 Sentencing Reform Legislation which could save taxpayers and return thousands of individuals to their families. “I know we are a small company, but with a big heart and as we walk in faith our potential is unlimited.”

The mission of HEARTS FOR INMATES is to Help, Encourage, Aspire, Redeem, Trust and provide Support for both short and long term individuals who are incarcerated. We do this by advocating for changes within South Carolina legislation and policy changes within South Carolina The Department of Corrections and the Department of Pardon Probation and Parole.

We plan to make sure the organization has the necessary tools to be successful, by providing the following services:

Web Design and Digital Media Strategy Development
501C3 Application Preparation Training
Board Governance Training
Event and Fundrasing Strategy Development

“Our For Your Glory program was built for organizations like Hearts for Inmates and by his grace we should achieve favor.” Don Johnson, Social Responsbility Committee

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E-Vision Launches New Charities Training Program

Spartanburg, SC, April 10, 2016-E-Vision Project Development Corporation announces new “FOR YOUR GLORY” Initiatives for nonprofit organizations in partnership with American Capital Funds Group. The new program will assist nonprofit entrepreneurs in the following areas: Incorporation, compliance documentation, governance training, 501C3 Application, digital media strategy development, creditability and fundraising.

We strongly believe that the evolution of nonprofits’ role in South Carolina will have a direct impact on providing needed services for the disadvantaged citizens in the state. We have discovered that there are thousands of community-based nonprofits providing important services that are not likely candidates for extensive funding from Corporations. Our program is focused on preparing these community-based organizations that provide an array of services from home care, utilities payment assistance, welfare-to-work, health care and veterans’ assistance programs. These organizations need sustained public and private support, even if their services are specialized and local. To achieve this, they must invest in good governance practices, transparency, accountability, and engagement with the policy process.

The new program will teach them how to achieve these important tools for successful organization at an affordable price. Some of the organization will be selected by our Social Responsibility Committee for sponsorship of their initial program cost.

For more than 9 years, we have been committed to furthering our client digital business model. That will not change, “Johnson said. “Our vision is to protect, strengthen and grow the not for profit sector in our communities, while providing them with the highest standards of services, critical governance and strategic planning to enhance their opportunities to impact lives.

Johnson also noted the partnership with American Capital Funds Group will allow for not for profit organizations to connect their organizational and digital marketing strategy under one comprehensive solution.
“We are taking bold new steps into the next chapter of our story,” Johnson said. “We are committed to staying true to the innovative thinking that inspired our creation. As our new initiative evolves, we are striving to agile and grow with them providing meaningful services to meet their needs.

Don C. Johnson, Board Member
Social Responsbility Committee Chairman

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Visit To Animal Care Center, Council Member Mike Brown Project

January 10, 2012-As we work with Client Mike Brown and providing total media coverage of his political events in 2011, our team accommodates Mr. Brown to the Animal Care Center in Greenville, South Carolina as he explores options for Spartanburg County’s animal control issue.

After meeting with members of an Ad Hoc Committee comprised of only members of County Council and the Humane Society, it was agreed that the county would begin to look at other animal care facilities in order to gain a greater appreciation of how such facilities are ran and to gain an informed perspective for the future. Mike went to Greenville County on October 21,2011 to view the Animal Care facility that was established by the Greenville County Council in 2007. Animal Care is a full service, open-admissions animal shelter facility that serves Greenville County residents and their pets. They work collaboratively with Greenville Humane Society, which works with the facility, to provide intake, adoption and spay/neuter services. Greenville County Animal Care Services employees focus their attention on the care and housing of all incoming animals. This includes animals that have been found as strays, including those brought in by animal control and by the public. In addition, they provide additional services for surrendered pets of Greenville County residents.

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