E-Vision Selects Hearts for Inmates for Sponsorship

Spartanburg, South Carolina, April 10, 2016- E-Vision’s Social Responsbility Committee selected Hearts for Inmates, South Carolina not for profit organization for sponsorship in the new For Your Glory training program. After a convincing and emotional appeal by company’s president Eric Whiteside to the board of directors the organization has approved for up to $5000 in services.

“This organization mission could potentially impact thousands of South Carolina families who have loved one currently incarcerated.”

The organization is currently promoting a South Carolina House of Representative Bill 5120 Sentencing Reform Legislation which could save taxpayers and return thousands of individuals to their families. “I know we are a small company, but with a big heart and as we walk in faith our potential is unlimited.”

The mission of HEARTS FOR INMATES is to Help, Encourage, Aspire, Redeem, Trust and provide Support for both short and long term individuals who are incarcerated. We do this by advocating for changes within South Carolina legislation and policy changes within South Carolina The Department of Corrections and the Department of Pardon Probation and Parole.

We plan to make sure the organization has the necessary tools to be successful, by providing the following services:

Web Design and Digital Media Strategy Development
501C3 Application Preparation Training
Board Governance Training
Event and Fundrasing Strategy Development

“Our For Your Glory program was built for organizations like Hearts for Inmates and by his grace we should achieve favor.” Don Johnson, Social Responsbility Committee

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On Location at NACCP Stop The Violence Forum

April 28, 2012, Spartanburg, SC– Local Chapter of NAACP Spartanburg , South Carolina holds a community forum to discuss with law enforcement the current S.C “Stand Your Ground Laws” and recent cases that applied in the community.

e-Vision project team was on location to support client Council Member Michael Brown as he moderated the meeting provide full media coverage. The team updated the client’s website and  social media channels immediately after the meeting beating local news outlets to the punch.


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