E-Vision's Unified Certification Expanded by S.C. Department of Transporation

Effective September 8th, 2016, E-Vision Project Development Corporation request for expansion of services was approved for participation as a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) with the South Carolina Unified Certification Program. The new services include: Professional and Management Development Training, Computer Training, and Educational Support Services.

This was an important first step as E-Vision prepares for the launch of it’s E-VisionEDU 1st Quarter 2017, which will revolutionize educational institutions across the U.S. The comprehensive technology solution will provide emerging technology and infrastructure for tomorrow’s schools.

The new holistic innovative solutions will include:

Enterprise Business Applications
Consolidated Educator Communication & Collaboration
Physical and Cloud-Based Security
Digital Media and Web Marketing Project Plans
Cloud Management Services | Virtual Private Servers |
Emergency Back-Up | Unified platform Cloud Infrastructure
VOIP Telecommunications and Web Conference
E-Learning Applications Portals for the student of tomorrow.





Visit To Animal Care Center, Council Member Mike Brown Project

January 10, 2012-As we work with Client Mike Brown and providing total media coverage of his political events in 2011, our team accommodates Mr. Brown to the Animal Care Center in Greenville, South Carolina as he explores options for Spartanburg County’s animal control issue.

After meeting with members of an Ad Hoc Committee comprised of only members of County Council and the Humane Society, it was agreed that the county would begin to look at other animal care facilities in order to gain a greater appreciation of how such facilities are ran and to gain an informed perspective for the future. Mike went to Greenville County on October 21,2011 to view the Animal Care facility that was established by the Greenville County Council in 2007. Animal Care is a full service, open-admissions animal shelter facility that serves Greenville County residents and their pets. They work collaboratively with Greenville Humane Society, which works with the facility, to provide intake, adoption and spay/neuter services. Greenville County Animal Care Services employees focus their attention on the care and housing of all incoming animals. This includes animals that have been found as strays, including those brought in by animal control and by the public. In addition, they provide additional services for surrendered pets of Greenville County residents.

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Modern citizens are disenfranchised from local government

Governments no longer just “own” websites, they are websites

Today’s citizens are equipped with updated computers and mobile devices that has become a part of their daily lives. To these citizens, interacting with local government feels like interacting with the e-Bay. It sends information, property tax information, passports, and recycling bins from local government offices demanding money and information in return. The major different is the e-Bay interactions are seamless a majority of the time, the local government online experience is either painful or impossible and causing you to have to call the office.

At increasing rates, citizens look at local government website; they’re seeing their tax dollars at work. What if what they see is confusing, unattractive and down-right unusable from their new computer, mobile or tablet device, so this is how they’re going to perceive their government.

The problem has increased over the last few years from a marginal problem in which bad or outdated websites are now rather more of an issue. In Today’s emerging web, local governments are falling behind the private sector and appear less legitimate and the questions will be raised “Why is my tax dollars going to something I can’t use?

The real difference is one of management structure and focus. At e-Bay John Donahoe and his team are focused on performance of digital technology services. A local government chief executive will focus on finance in this fiscal stressful time and won’t even care if 5,000 citizens left their website disappointed last month, because this is not a normal issue discuss at council meetings.

The solution is two fold consisting of recruitment of people with digital media experience at the top management decision making of local government. The second important action is contracting qualified web development firms who specialized in government and organization websites. These contractors should be experienced with current government website guidelines and have the ability to development compatible, secure and accessible digital property. The end result will be a more satisfied citizen and improve the legitimacy of their local government.