E-Vision selects WERUNTHISCITY, INC.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, April 10, 2016- E-Vision’s Social Responsbility Committee selected WERUNTHISCITY, INC South Carolina not for profit organization for sponsorship in the new For Your Glory training program.

The organization will focus on womens fitness and healthy living and its sister organization IRUNTHISCITY LLC was created to motivate and inspire individuals to set, achieve and exceed better lifestyle goals by providing fun activities and challenges.

We look forward to working with April Bowden, a client of 9 years and Author of HIGH: On Love & Addiction and The Other Side of Joy. Eric Whiteside, Senior Project Director

E-Vision will assist Ms. Bowden in obtaining her 501C3 for WERUNTHISCITY and bring the organization in compliance with SC Charities. In addition, we will assist the organization in establishing a digital marketing strategy that incorporates engagement strategy development, usability and fundraising.

Join the Movement #IRUNTHISCITY



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