Promotion of Juan Garcia from IT Implementation Specialist to Associate Project Manager

I am pleased to announce the promotion of long-time team and concept nerd member Juan Garcia to the position of Associate Project Manager within our organization.
Mr. Garcia has been a dedicated intern and trainee here at E-Vision Project Development Corporation for more than 2 years.
His current work and dedication to the organizations strategic goals, has earn a reputation as an honest and reliable project manager. He has achieved the following accomplishments in a short period of time; Ringcentral Enterprise Certification and Basic Project Management Orientation.

It is his strong sales ability and dedication to project implementation that led me to choose Mr. Garcia over all the other potential candidates. The competition for this job was fierce, and there were several well-qualified candidates that applied; however, I felt that his past achievements set him apart from his competition.

In assuming his new duties as Associate Project Manager, Mr. Garcia will oversee all employees, contractors and interns we already have in place in addition to being responsible for training new associates. He will report directly to me only, approving deals and helping to resolve any issues that could prevent E-Vision Project Development Corporation from achieving its strategic objectives. I know you all will be supportive of Juan as he assumes his new role within our corporation. Please take a few moments to extend your personal congratulations to him whenever you happen to see him around our locations. I’m sure your kind words will be greatly appreciated.

Eric Whiteside
CEO/ Senior Project Manager
E-Vision Project Development Corporation

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