Cutting Edge Software makes 3rd Annual Tournament of Roses AAU Successful

April 12-14, 2013-The 3rd Annual Tournament of Roses AAU in Orangeburg, South Carolina utilized cutting edge tournament management software called Scorbot. Scorbot is a state of the art tool designed to efficiently manage your sports tournament. Scorbot requires no human intervention, no computer, no phone calls.

The software was the best solution for the event organizers of this 81 team pool and bracket play tournament. The solution provide a no hassle enhanced feature for coaches and parents to receive score updates directly to their mobile phones allow directors to focus on the event itself instead of fielding inquiries related to score updates. The backend of the software allowed for the various gym directors to text the score immediately after each game and automatically update all coaches and parent important information regarding their team. The software not only provided score updates, but gym location with Google Map, team standings and next game time.

The affordable solution was critical to the success of the tournament and received excellent reviews by participants. For more information regarding the 3rd Annual Tournament of Roses AAU go to www.tournamentofrosesaau.com and ScorBot Tournament Software www.scorbot.com

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Modern citizens are disenfranchised from local government

Governments no longer just “own” websites, they are websites

Today’s citizens are equipped with updated computers and mobile devices that has become a part of their daily lives. To these citizens, interacting with local government feels like interacting with the e-Bay. It sends information, property tax information, passports, and recycling bins from local government offices demanding money and information in return. The major different is the e-Bay interactions are seamless a majority of the time, the local government online experience is either painful or impossible and causing you to have to call the office.

At increasing rates, citizens look at local government website; they’re seeing their tax dollars at work. What if what they see is confusing, unattractive and down-right unusable from their new computer, mobile or tablet device, so this is how they’re going to perceive their government.

The problem has increased over the last few years from a marginal problem in which bad or outdated websites are now rather more of an issue. In Today’s emerging web, local governments are falling behind the private sector and appear less legitimate and the questions will be raised “Why is my tax dollars going to something I can’t use?

The real difference is one of management structure and focus. At e-Bay John Donahoe and his team are focused on performance of digital technology services. A local government chief executive will focus on finance in this fiscal stressful time and won’t even care if 5,000 citizens left their website disappointed last month, because this is not a normal issue discuss at council meetings.

The solution is two fold consisting of recruitment of people with digital media experience at the top management decision making of local government. The second important action is contracting qualified web development firms who specialized in government and organization websites. These contractors should be experienced with current government website guidelines and have the ability to development compatible, secure and accessible digital property. The end result will be a more satisfied citizen and improve the legitimacy of their local government.



On Location at NACCP Stop The Violence Forum

April 28, 2012, Spartanburg, SC– Local Chapter of NAACP Spartanburg , South Carolina holds a community forum to discuss with law enforcement the current S.C “Stand Your Ground Laws” and recent cases that applied in the community.

e-Vision project team was on location to support client Council Member Michael Brown as he moderated the meeting provide full media coverage. The team updated the client’s website and  social media channels immediately after the meeting beating local news outlets to the punch.


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e-Vision Creates Website for $1,000,000 church planned givings campaign.

The e-Vision project team worked with First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park to create a e-commerce portal for members to contribute to their 3 year $1,000,000 fundraising campaign. The purpose of the website is to show members the purpose for their donations and participation in this campaign. Project Start Date October 2011.

The Campaign

Our vision is to become a spiritually mature fellowship of believers who worship God and radiate a Christ like environment to people in our community, city, and state and around the world, while meeting the needs of the family and enjoying a dynamic study of God’s Word.

Jeremiah 3:15- I 6 states “Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding. For shall be in those days when you are multiplied and increased in the l and, “declares the Lord, “they will no longer “say, ‘The ark of the covenant of the Lord.’ And it will not come to mind, nor will they remember it, nor will they miss it, nor will it be made again.” To achieve great things for God we must expect great things from God. Nehemiah 2:18 declares, “Then I told them of the hand of my God which was god upon me; as also the king’s words that he had spoken unto me. And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.”

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New Project started FirstChristianCenter.org

March 25, 2012, Richardson, Texas-the e-Vision team found themselves at First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park. They were there to take pictures of the church and the pastor for the new website at FirstChristianCenter.org. When we first got their we took pictures of the chapel and the sanctuary inside chapel.

Then, with the new Sony cx-190 camcorder we had just attained, we took pictures of the cafeteria, the small sanctuary(designed for weddings), a gardenwalk-through(located in between the church), and the reception building located up the street from the church held for receptions and music. This was marvelous. Now the team had video and pictures to put on this new website to showcase weddings and the chapel.  The next morning the team went back to the church to get some final pictures of the Outside of the Church to be featured on the front of the new website. Though under maintenance, the site is coming along beautifully. So if your looking to get married or renew your vows at First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park., or just want to visit the beautiful work of The eVisions develop team, be on the look out for the FirstChristianCenter.org website coming soon!!


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e-Vision provide onsite support Jarvis Christian College Homecoming Events

March 23 2012, e-Visions Founder and Project Manager Eric Whiteside along with App Developer Brandon McDowell started the day off in Longview, Tx covering media for the Jarvis Homecoming Weekend Alumni registration.  Later that day the eVision team headed down to the Maude Cobb Convention Center to get set up for the Friday Night Fish Fry event that started at 6 and the the Tally Rally which started at 8.  On this entire trip, we decided to broadcast live. So first we decided to run a test. So we set up our lap tops, and connected our cameras to our tripods to test our live broadcasting speed. Then we took our camcorder and our Canon camera and polished the lenses. After all the testing It was 6 o’clock and the people where starting to crowd the Convention center. Brandon started taking pictures, while Eric tested the internet connection speed. The whole event was a success. Evision left and got prepared for the next day. The next day (Saturday March 24th), the evisions team, headed back to Jarvis in Hawkins, Tx for the Soon after we headed upstairs from the registration building. We went directing to where they were holding the “Meet the Candidates”/NAA  meeting in the church.

Our Project Success

e-Vision provides New- Live Broadcasting Service to JCCNAA

March 30, 2012-The e-Vision’s team decided to try something new when they went on a trip down to Longview, Tx for the Jarvis National Alumni Homecoming event. They decided that They were going to live broadcast their events on their National Alumni Association Webpage. When they first arrived on Friday at the Maud Cobb Convention Center in Longview, the team was under the impression that the center had a T-1 connection speed that was available. Actually when They got down there and ran an internet connection speed test, they found out that the center actually only had 6 mbps(megabits per second). A huge downgrade from a T-1 connection. They knew then that they were going to have trouble broadcasting live with this speed.

The video was not going to be in real time but would lag a few seconds behind. The video also appeared to be moving in slow motion. They talked to the web maintenance guy, but he told them he really couldn’t help them, being that there was only so much he could do. The team then set up their new logitech cameras to their tripods, connected them to their computer and ran a test to see how the streaming quality actually looked. They sent out facebook alerts and told everyone to check out Jarvis’s Live Streaming Homecoming weekend events at JCCNAA.ORG. At first it looked great but then the video started to slow down. With the Fish Fry and Tally Rally getting ready to start, their was only so much they could do and they had to broadcast it like that. That was eVisions first broadcasting event.

The next morning when the team went to go to the NAA/ “Meet the Candidates” meeting. We again set up to broadcast. This time, things went a lot smoother. Back at Jarvis, where we we set up, the church had a connection speed of 10 mpbs, which was almost two times that of the convention center. With this small advantage, when broadcasting, the video looked a lot sharper and video speed was a lot quicker, Though lagging still maintained, the video was far from being choppy. Later that evening around 4, the team went back to the Maud Cobb Convention Center to set up for the Banquet. While there the team got in contact with Maintenance again to ask for an Ethernet cord that would Lan connect us straight from the power-source to our laptops in hopes to increase internet connection speed. Seeing that wireless would not cut it, they agreed but could not find an Ethernet cord long enough to drop from the tech room located right above us to where we were located. While Eric was in the tech room, he did notice an easily direct solution to our problem. He noticed that the Convention Center had a Cisco Killer Connection which has amazing speed. When trying to ask the maintenance guy for access, he declined and said it was Maud Cobb’s policy to not let anyone, other than the center to connect to it for security purpose

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e-Vision launches new AAU Tournament of Roses website!

February 9, 2012-e-Vision has just launched another grand website. Dr. Lewis Whitesides employed the company. He wanted them to create a website informing viewers about the Orangeburg, SC’s AAU Tournament of Roses. “ The site looks good and I love the fact that the information is right on the home page. You don’t have to look all over the place to find the information you want and it’s clean. I love the job e-Vision has done.” said Dr. Lewis Whitesides.

Senior Project Manager Eric Whiteside was honored to launch the official website for the AAU youth basketball event Tournament of Roses. “This was an amazing experience to do, I love basketball, what the AAU stands for and the opportunities the AAU give our children.” Eric complemented.  The Tournament of Roses is a youth basketball event located in Orangeburg, SC.

It was originally founded by board members of the YMCA in 2010 to provide a platform for both basketball entertainment and exposure for amateur athletes. “This Website is really cool and I love the fact that it’s tablet ready, no matter what kind of tablet you have, this sites user interface is really easy to use.” said Application Developer Brandon McDowell.  e-Vision is glad to successfully develop a site that informs readers on what the AAU is about along with  giving coaches, nationwide, the chance to register their teams for the tournament

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