e-Vision Prepares for New Political News Website

January 10, 2012-The e-Vision team starts development of a new political news website, partnering with existing client Mike Brown a local politician in the Spartanburg, South Carolina area. The new website will focus on local and regional government political related news utilizing existing small local newspapers as news sources. The new website will give small local newspapers a web presence and the ability to report directly to the public.


The website name will be POLICTIALJUNKI.COM with Meta Description ( POLITICAL JUNKI covers political news contributed by the public with a focus on local, regional politics, state government County government, school boards, the 2012 presidential race, lobbying, advocacy, and more.  POLITICAL JUNKI in-depth user generated coverage includes video features, regular blogs, photo galleries, cartoons, and political forums.”
e-Vision plans to launch website beta in August 2012.



Onsite support JCCNAA $1,000,000 Campaign Events

March 23 2012, e-Visions Founder and Project Manager Eric Whiteside along with App Developer Brandon McDowell started the day off in Longview, Tx covering media for the Jarvis Homecoming Weekend Alumni registration.  Later that day the eVision team headed down to the Maude Cobb Convention Center to get set up for the Friday Night Fish Fry event that started at 6 and the the Tally Rally which started at 8.

On this entire trip, we decided to broadcast live. So first we decided to run a test. So we set up our lap tops, and connected our cameras to our tripods to test our live broadcasting speed. Then we took our camcorder and our Canon camera and polished the lenses. After all the testing It was 6 o’clock and the people where starting to crowd the Convention center. Brandon started taking pictures, while Eric tested the internet connection speed. The whole event was a success.


Evision left and got prepared for the next day. The next day (Saturday March 24th), the evisions team, headed back to Jarvis in Hawkins, Tx for the Soon after we headed upstairs from the registration building. We went directing to where they were holding the “Meet the Candidates”/NAA  meeting in the church.

This meeting was held for the Jarvis staff and Alumni. They got a chance to meet and vote for the next Jarvis National Alumni Association president and staff. So we first set up our lap tops, then we set up one of our HD logitech computer cameras and connected it to a tripod, lastly we set up our Sony camcorder for recording purposes. While live broadcasting and recording, Brandon was walking around the church taking pictures of different figures at the meeting. Afterwards the team headed back down to The Maude Cobb Convention Center to get set up for the Centennial Pioneer Hall of Fame Induction Reception and the Centennial Banquet. It went well, At 6tThe Convention center was well packed. While setting up, The gentleman responsible for putting the banquet together pulled Brandon aside and asked him to record the Hall of Fame Induction Reception and asked if he could later make it into a dvd for people to be able to get.

Our Project Success



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