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March 25, 2012, Richardson, Texas-the e-Vision team found themselves at First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park. They were there to take pictures of the church and the pastor for the new website at When we first got their we took pictures of the chapel and the sanctuary inside chapel.

Then, with the new Sony cx-190 camcorder we had just attained, we took pictures of the cafeteria, the small sanctuary(designed for weddings), a gardenwalk-through(located in between the church), and the reception building located up the street from the church held for receptions and music. This was marvelous. Now the team had video and pictures to put on this new website to showcase weddings and the chapel.  The next morning the team went back to the church to get some final pictures of the Outside of the Church to be featured on the front of the new website. Though under maintenance, the site is coming along beautifully. So if your looking to get married or renew your vows at First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park., or just want to visit the beautiful work of The eVisions develop team, be on the look out for the website coming soon!!


Our Project Success
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